Media: Acrylic as watercolor

This is one of my first attempts at doing a portrait with a watercolor technique. I stayed with my primary colors. I was playing with learning the flow of the paint and how the layering affects the colors.

My Mishelle

Medium: Oil

This is my second attempt at painting with oils. My goal in using oils was to benefit from the slower drying time allowing me to blend my colors particularly in portrait work. I feel that I was successful in this goal and hope to only see improved results.

I feel that my struggle of using other mediums (acrylic, watercolor) in portraits helped to make using oils relatively easy. One of the impacting things I like most about this painting is the vibrancy of color I was able to get into her face. It’s almost glowing as if she were golden.

My Mishelle


Medium: Acrylic on paper

I have been working on my portrait work at the time using primarily pencils for portraits. Most of my acrylic painting was used in other “non-portrait” projects (landscapes etc.). I felt that I did a good job with what I had. I used mainly my primary colors and raw sienna. It was a successful translation.

The difficulty of acrylic in photorealistic portrait work is the blending due to drying time. I have since learned that there are additives that can help to slow down the drying time. I was able to utilize the drying time to my advantage by adding layers which helped to produce some of the debth and color I wanted.

Alabama John

Medium: Photoshop

The president of our company turned 50. We decorated our entire floor office with an Indiana Jones theme. As he described it, it was the best team building experience we could’ve undertaken as a company.

The I modified the last Indiana Jones movie poster to create this project. Taking headshots from different office events, I was able to re-create a poster that included the birthday man and members of the senior staff. There was a lot of work that was required to make this effective,  including adjusting for size, color, positioning of characters, lettering, etc. In the end it was a very successful project and one I was proud to create.