Graduation Time

This past weekend I was given the privilege to photograph my friend as she prepares for her upcoming graduation.

We were able to walk around her campus and found some great spots to take some amazing pictures that captured the essence of graduating.

Most of my favorite images were shooting upwards. Shooting from a down position gives a grandness to the subject.

After a great photo shoot we were able to select some images to create an invite to her ceremony.


Medium: Digital (Illustrator)

Here is a logo I designed for a client working on developing his company.

We discussed a few ideas about what he wanted it to look like as well the the functionality of the project.





11 x 14

You can see that I have been working on my watercolor work. At the same time I am working on pieces that depict the confidence and beauty of people identified as Black. I use the term Black as a general reference to skin tones that point to an African Heritage.

This is a painting from a photo that was taken of 6yr old Gracie. She was getting ready for a night out with her dad.  She is both confident and beautiful posing for her picture.

Technically I am happy with my learning process. Working on this painting I learned to apply general layers and then after giving the painting an opportunity to dry, go back and add in details and fill in areas where necessary.

I see multiple areas where I would like to improve.  But this is part of the journey. I don’t know if I will ever be fully satisfied, but I am fully enjoying the growth that I am experiencing.