Grant’s Senior Pics

Here are a couple of images that I really liked from a photo shoot I completed this past weekend. These are Senior pictures that were taken at a park in Coppell, TX.

Like I mentioned before…I’m doing more photography than I intend. However, I look for opportunities to take pictures that have a sense of story to them.

A problem I am experiencing in this world of digital photography is that it is important to have excellent equipment. I use a laptop at home to edit images…then I look at them at work and my color balance can seem all over the place. Then I print them and….well you get the idea. This sometimes isn’t a big deal since I had been taking photos for personal reasons. But as people hire me for projects, it is important to produce what they see on screen.

Feel free to leave tips on how I can workaround this issue until I make enough to buy new equipment.

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