I didn’t realize how popular it was to have caricature art done. I suppose that’s why you see these guys in malls and at theme parks doing airbrush art all over the place. It really is an industry that has a decent demand base.

After the last caricature style drawing I did I was hired to do 2 more other pieces from different sources.

On the first piece I had an assignment to incorporate places that they’ve vacationed to together. Particularly 3 places: Rome, Disneyland, and Colorado (ski trip).

The second piece was for a corporate project where they were celebrating the president being with the company for 5 years. I was doing a take on the classic Magnificent 7. I found a movie poster and went to work from there.

I don’t think my caricatures are very cartoonish as they could be. Where I think I am strong is that I am incorporating some background into the story of the pictures.


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