Nite-Nite Grandma

Acrylic on Canvas

This piece was completed this past summer (2010) for Mishelle’s dad. Mishelle lost her grand mother this spring and we turned a photo that was taken into a painting as a memorial.

Ultimately we wanted to highlight that the light on the porch was still on even though they (Mishelle and her dad) were closing the gate to this chapter.

I(m)guana Thrive

Medium: 20 x 16, Acryllic (on canvas)

I developed this painting in order to make a submission to an open showing in Denton’s Fiesta on the square. The submissions must show an aspect of Latin American culture or be festive.

I believe this Iguana is both.

The title I(m)guanna sounds like “I’m gonna”. In my case it says “I’m gonna Thrive”.  Iguanas can survive in extreme heat. It is a personal attempt to make a statement that I’m going to thrive and do well when the heat and pressure of being a successful artist is increased.


Medium: Acrylic on paper

I have been working on my portrait work at the time using primarily pencils for portraits. Most of my acrylic painting was used in other “non-portrait” projects (landscapes etc.). I felt that I did a good job with what I had. I used mainly my primary colors and raw sienna. It was a successful translation.

The difficulty of acrylic in photorealistic portrait work is the blending due to drying time. I have since learned that there are additives that can help to slow down the drying time. I was able to utilize the drying time to my advantage by adding layers which helped to produce some of the debth and color I wanted.