Engaged Couple

Oil on Canvas

16 x 20

This painting is a commissioned piece.

It was done from a photo that was taken from a cell phone camera.

The thing I want to note is the background work. They were in a densly wooded area that had lots of green leaves etc. I wanted to give detail wihtout needing to draw everything exactly.

So the background ended up being a 3 part process. (1) layering a general color (2) leyering some detail color and smearing it in vertical lines (3) adding detail of leaves and trees that were more pronounced in the forground.

In the end I was very happy with my outcome.


Medium: Oils

This commissioned project required that I take two photographs from different situations and create a situation where the two people can be in one painting. It is a skill that I find challenging, but it is a common request. Here in this painting I believe I was successful in accomplishing this task.


My Mishelle

Medium: Oil

This is my second attempt at painting with oils. My goal in using oils was to benefit from the slower drying time allowing me to blend my colors particularly in portrait work. I feel that I was successful in this goal and hope to only see improved results.

I feel that my struggle of using other mediums (acrylic, watercolor) in portraitsĀ helped to make using oils relatively easy. One of the impacting things I like most about this painting is the vibrancy of color I was able to get into her face. It’s almost glowing as if she were golden.

My Mishelle